HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Version Release Notes

HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 15.06.0079 (15 June 2015)

HQ Pro-Stitcher version 79 includes all previous updates, plus:

  • Skew 2: skew motifs to concave areas
  • Simulation function to practice HQ Pro-Stitcher away from the machine on a desktop or laptop computer, or the Pro-Stitcher tablet itself
  • 500 new quilting motifs (bringing the total to more than 1000), including a designer showcase of motifs from your favorite designers
  • Ability to swap the stitching start and end points in a design
  • A new vector file format (.hqv)
  • More efficient side menu
  • Updated pop-up keyboard
  • Increased Motor Torque Limit with default value of 100
  • Updated Help files
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs

HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 14.04.0051 (05-02-14)

HQ Pro-Stitcher version 51 includes all previous updates, plus:

  • Allows Art & Stitch to be opened from within Pro-Stitcher without a design loaded or selected.
  • Resolves further cases where the Run/Pause/Cancel buttons were not visible.

HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 14.04.0050 (04-18-14)

HQ Pro-Stitcher version 50 includes all previous updates, plus:

  • Run Button will not get buried behind the main program
  • Run button is grayed out if not applicable rather than removed from the screen as in previous versions

HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 14.04.0049 (04-07-14)

HQ Pro-Stitcher version 49 includes all previous updates, plus:

  • Allows designs with file extensions containing capital letters to appear in the design library
  • Solves a problem with the Start, Pause, and Cancel buttons
  • Corrects issues with an error message that displayed during shutdown


HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 14.03.0047 (03-31-14)

HQ Pro-Stitcher version 14.03.0047 is compatible with the enhanced HQ18 Avanté machines, as well as previous HQ18 Avanté, HQ24 Fusion, and HQ Sixteen machines.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 14.03.0046 (03-26-14)

HQ Pro-Stitcher version 14.03.0046 includes the following new capabilities:

  • More responsive Emergency Stop and Pause functions
  • Prompts to save a baselined design when closing the design
  • Ability to read *.hqx encrypted designs (see the note below)

Note: Some digital quilting motif designers encrypt their designs to prevent unauthorized use.  These designs require a key code that is unique to your HQ Pro-Stitcher computer. To find the key code (required at the time you purchase the digital design), select Settings, Advanced, About. A pop-up box with the key code then appears on the HQ Pro-Stitcher screen.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 14.01.0043 (01-20-14)

We are continually making improvements to HQ Pro-Stitcher, and are pleased to announce HQ Pro-Stitcher version 43 (14.01.0043). It primarily addresses an issue related to working with the EZ Carriage. Of course, version 14.01.0043 also includes other recent improvements. Be sure to review all of the release notes for previous versions as well.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 14.01.0042 (01-06-14)

If you have not already updated your system to HQ Pro-Stitcher version 13.12.0041, be sure to read all of the release notes for version 13.12.0041 as they also apply to version 14.01.0042. However, you do not need to install version 13.12.0041 if you haven’t done so. You can simply install version 14.01.0042.

Version 14.01.0042 has two improvements over version 13.12.0041:

  • Resolves an issue where the HQ Pro-Stitcher software locks up when Pause is pressed at a specific time during a tie-off.
  • Increases the priority level of the Emergency Stop function so it will respond immediately regardless of the state of the software.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Release Notes for Software Update Version 13.12.0041 (12-09-13)

Version 13.12.0041 is compatible with all Handi Quilter machines with HQ Pro-Stitcher. However, to take advantage of the new EZ Record feature, you must have a machine with newer firmware or update your machine to have the latest firmware as described below. If you choose not to update your machine, HQ Pro-Stitcher will detect that you don’t have a machine compatible with EZ Record and work as it has before (but with other minor improvements).

EZ Record

The most significant new feature in this release of HQ Pro-Stitcher is an update to the Freehand Record capabilities, called EZ Record. Pro-Stitcher can now use the machine encoders to capture the machine’s movements while the motors are disengaged. This eliminates the drag you may have experienced previously when recording with the motors engaged.

In addition, we have made other minor updates and fixes.
  • When using the new EZ Record features to record freehand quilting, the color of the crosshair changes.
  • The HQ Pro-Stitcher icon only appears on the machine’s display when HQ Pro-Stitcher is running. When HQ Pro-Stitcher shuts down, the Pro-Stitcher icon now disappears from the machine’s display as well. (If you have an HQ24 Fusion, your C-Pod will require a software update for this feature.)

Is your quilting machine compatible with the new EZ Record capabilities?

You will be able to take advantage of the new capabilities depending on the version of firmware on your machine

1. Newer HQ18 Avanté and HQ24 Fusion machines require no update to work with the new HQ Pro-Stitcher. These include the following machines:

  • HQ18 Avanté machines with firmware 1.27 or higher or 2.10 or higher
  • HQ24 Fusion machines with firmware 2.12 or higher or 4.12 or higher

2. Older HQ18 Avanté and HQ24 Fusion machines not listed above require an update to the machine’s firmware. The update is provided at no charge to the consumer, but there is a charge to cover shipping:

  • HQ18 Avanté owners need to send their C-Pod to HQ ($25)
  • HQ24 Fusion owners need to send both their C-Pod and handlebars to HQ. ($50)

To update your machine, you should:

a)      Contact HQ Customer Relations [1-877-MY-QUILT (697-8458) or 801-292-7988] to schedule the update to their machine. Customer Relations representatives are available 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time, Monday – Friday.
b)      Customer Relations will provide you with a pre-paid UPS label to send the parts of your machine to be updated.
c)       Carefully package the machine parts and use the UPS label to send the package(s) to Handi Quilter, Inc. (The pre-paid label will have the HQ address printed on it.)
d)      Allow up to three weeks for the update and ground UPS shipping both directions.
e)       Install HQ Pro-Stitcher version 40 only after receiving your updated C-Pod and/or handlebars.

IMPORTANT: This is a software update to make your machine compatible with EZ Record and does not include the EZ Carriage. The EZ Carriage is available only with the purchase of a new HQ Pro-Stitcher package.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 13.08.0033 Release Notes (08-12-13)

  • Stitching out a design is faster. This includes the new Speed Profile advanced settings to allow consumers to fine tune Stitch out speed.
  • There is no display lag when there are many jump points on the screen (such as from multiple repeats)
  • Freehand records points more often, yielding more accurate results.
  • When pausing at a long jump point and repositioning, the resume now moves to the next start point.
  • Point-to-point no longer performs tie-offs when two points are close together.
  • Bounding box now displays correctly when designs are cropped and dragged.
  • Start and end points display correctly when outside an area and the design is then cropped.
  • Trace button displays correctly after an emergency stop.
  • Bounding box displays correctly after performing a baseline.
  • Small designs properly stitch when tie-off is on.
  • Jumps following a crop of repeated designs are visible.
  • When installing from old versions the install process no longer fails.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 13.06.0029 Release Notes (06-05-13)

1- Multiple designs

a. Opening a new design doesn’t close the previous one.
b. A new Select button was added at the top of the screen.

i. Select any open design either by touching it or by selecting it from a list.
ii. New Multi button selects multiple open designs.
iii. When you select multiple designs, HQ Pro-Stitcher creates a Group.
iv. Groups can be selected only by using the Group list.
v. When a Group is selected, you can change the stitch order of the designs.
vi. New All button selects all open designs at once.
vii. New None button unselects all designs at once. Touching the screen where there are no designs also unselects all designs.
viii. New Name button renames either the selected Design or Group. This name becomes the default name when you save the Design or Group.
ix. The design name at the top of the screen indicates whether the selected design is a Design (with the letter D), Group (with the letter G), or a Repeat Design (with the letter R).

c. The selected Design or Group displays in black with the bounding box around it.
d. Unselected designs display in gray.
e. All operations (Rotate, Align, Skew, and so forth) are only performed on the selected Design or Group.
f. When you are ready to quilt, only the selected Design or Group will be stitched.
g. Baseline operation on a single design functions as before.
h. Baseline operation on a Group merges the designs into a single design. You will no longer be able to manipulate the designs independently.
i. Project vs. Design

i. A new option saves a Group as a project. When you save a Group as a Project, HQ Pro-Stitcher preserves each design independently so that when you load them in the future they are still independent designs.
ii. Alternately save a group as a design. When you save a Group as a Design, HQ Pro-Stitcher merges all the designs into a single design so that when you load it in the future, you will not be able to manipulate the designs independently.

2- Skew

a. Skew to any Area that has three or more points.  Note that the Area must be convex not concave Examples of convex areas include squares, triangles, and hexagons; examples of concave areas are stars, hearts, L-shaped corners, and so forth.
b. There is no limit to the number of points for an Area. However, as you add more points , the software operates more slowly.

3- Repeat

a. Repeat designs are treated as a single Design not a Group. Although you can’t manipulate the individual designs independently, you can rotate them individually or as a group.
b. The Repeat menu now has two 2 submenus : Main and Wrap.
c. The Repeat Main menu includes the standard Repeat options

i. The new vertical Point 2 Point option vertically links the end point of one repeated design to the start point of the next repeat. This is useful when quilting vertical borders.

d. Wrapping

i. Row and Column wrap

1. Wrap, or offset, every other row or column of repeated designs, beginning with the second row or column. The offset accumulates on each row or column.
2. For best results, wrap either the row or column, but not both at the same time.

ii. Window wrap

1. Wrap, or offset, all rows or columns of repeated designs.

iii. 1/2 buttons

1. Shift all rows horizontally by half of the width of the design or all columns by half of the height of the design.

iv. Drag

1. Manually reposition the design with the Drag button. This wraps the repeated design both horizontally and vertically at the same time. Touch the design and drag your finger around the screen; then set it in place by touching Drop.

v. Open/Closed

1. Wrapping essentially crops the repeated designs and creates jump points. You can indicate how you want the jump points treated: Open (to perform a tieoff at each jump point) or Closed (to stitch along the border to the next jump point).

e. If the end point of one design and start point of the next design in a set of repeated designs are close enough to each other that they will not create a jump between them and stitching will be continuous between the two designs. The red and green start and end markers will be replaced with a small black box to indicate this.

4- Resize

a. There are now four resize options:

i. Width: Resizes the design along the standard Cartesian x-axis
ii. Height: Resizes the design along the standard Cartesian y-axis
iii. Original Width and Original Height axes

1. When a design is rotated, you may want to stretch or shrink it along the original x-axis or y-axis rather than how the design is oriented on the screen.
2. Original Width: Resizes the width of the design along its original un-rotated x-axis.
3. Original Height: Resizes the height of the design along its original un-rotated y-axis.

b. There is now one numeric box for directly entering a resize value; it adjusts whichever axis button is selected.c. When Lock Aspect is on, a change to one dimension (Width and Height or Original Width and Original Height), ensures that they change at the same rate. The number in the text box always reflects whichever axis button is selected even if the aspect is locked.

5- Duplicate

a. A new Duplicate button was added to the File window. Select a design and choose Duplicate to create a copy of the design. The duplicate copy appears at the current crosshairs position, so it is a good practice to first move the crosshairs. Otherwise, the duplicate(s) will be in exactly the same place as the original, making it difficult to know that a duplication took place.

6- Drag, Grid, and Reset Home

a. The Drag button has been moved to the main screen next to Zoom.
b. The Reset home button has been moved to the Reposition screen (and is called Home).
c. The Grid button has been moved to the upper-left area of the screen where the Reset Home button used to be.

7- Area

a. A new Point Count box keeps track of how many points you have defined in your Area.

8- Reposition

a. Buttons have been moved to accommodate additional text.

9- Trace Area and Trace Box

a. The Trace Area and Trace Box buttons have moved to the Stitch screen. When pressing Run after selecting one of these buttons HQ Pro-Stitcher will stitch either the Area outline or the design box, not the design itself.
b. The Trace Area and Trace Box functions now stitch according to settings such as tieoffs, pullups, pauses, and so forth.

10- Crop

a. Isolate (and crop) part of a design for quilting. Choose Quilt, New Start/End to specify a new Start and/or End point in a design. Then choose Crop, Start/End to keep only the design between the new Start and End points. Save the cropped design as its own design for future use.

11- Stitch with Follow On

a. HQ Pro-Stitcher now stitches when Follow is enabled.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 13.04.0025 Release Notes (06-05-13)

  1. This version release is for downgrading the software after an update to version 13.02.0026. Previous versions of the software will not work properly if installed after the .0026 update. Use this one if necessary.

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 13.02.0024 Release Notes (03-11-13)

  1. Minimizes the risk of a Buffer Underflow error occurring.
  2. Fixes an issue in the “Freehand” function.
  3. Corrects the shortcut to the “Classic” HQ Pro-Stitcher software for those computers with both software versions installed.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 13.01.0021 Release Notes (01-16-13)

1. Fixed an issue with “Nudge” that caused each press of the Nudge arrows to be duplicated.

2. Fixed an issue with “Freehand” not correctly maintaining start/end points.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 12.10.0020 Release Notes (10-09-12)

1. Fixes issue with help button crash.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 12.10.0019 Release Notes (10-08-12)

1. Prevents “Pro-StitcherLauncher has stopped working” message from appearing on boot-up.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 12.10.0018 Release Notes (10-04-12)

1. Prompts to save current design when closing HQ Pro-Stitcher
2. Current Speed settings preserved when loading a new design
3. Option to tie off when resuming stitching after a pause
4. Follow is turned off when a new design is selected
5. Start Point indicator added to Trace Area
6. Delete function added to File Explorer
7. Prompts to Clear Area when loading a new design
8. Jump Points preserved when saving a repeated design
9. Speed options now visible during Run
10. Two-point designs can now be loaded
11. Fixed text entry issues with onscreen keyboard when saving
12. Fixed Start/End Point sync issue
13. Fixed Freehand Record issue
14. Improved design file accuracy related to designs with arcs
15. Improved Undo/Redo speed
16. New Start and End Points will tie-off if selected
17. Fixed position issue when Pausing during a tie-off
18. Improved motor points to inches (using machine to measure results in more accurate readings)
19. Fixed Refreshing during drag and drop (no longer drops prematurely)


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 12-08-0013 Release Notes

1. Updater allows user to select system type on every install attempt.

2. Updater version comparison corrected.

3. If updater is unable to determine system type during update, it will default to HQ18 Avanté.


HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update Version 12-08-0012 Release Notes

1. All versions of the software (HQ Sixteen, HQ24 Fusion and HQ18 Avanté) will load properly.

2. Shortcut to Classic HQ Pro-Stitcher version available on Windows screen (only applicable for those with ASUS Eeee netbook computers)

3. Fixed launcher screen (no longer hangs)

4. Updater window size loads as “normal”