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Quilting Elevated offers more than 60 classes, including 27 hands-on classes from which to choose! This will be the largest gathering of HQ educators in any one place. Classes will be presented by the HQ studio educators, HQ national educators, and HQ ambassadors Kim Brunner and Helen Godden. You’ll choose from our tremendous selection of classes for up to 18 hours of instruction in the following categories.

  • HQ Pro-Stitcher hands-on
  • Longarm hands-on
  • Sweet Sixteen hands-on
  • HQ Pro-Stitcher lecture demo using simulation mode
  • Machine quilting lecture demo
  • Art & Stitch (bring your laptop with Art & Stitch loaded for a hands-on experience)

Maximize your time at Quilting Elevated by taking advantage of the lecture demo classes. We agree that hands-on classes are terrific. However, our educators are able to deliver much more content during a lecture-demo class than they can during a hands-on class. Unlike a hands-on class, you don’t need to wait for everyone in the class to complete the exercise before moving on. Therefore, you’ll get the most out of Quilting Elevated by selecting a good mix of both lecture-demo and hands-on classes. This year each participant may select up to 12 hours of hands-on instruction (six hands-on classes).

Important class information

  • The HQ Pro-Stitcher hands-on classes are taught on the latest version of HQ Pro-Stitcher on an HQ Avanté with HQ Pro-Stitcher, with two people per machine.
  • The longarm hands-on classes are taught on an HQ Avanté, with two people per machine. These classes are technique classes and are applicable to all stand-up longarm machines.
  • The HQ Sweet Sixteen hands-on classes are planned with one person per machine. If there is more demand than anticipated, we may need to put two people per machine.