HQ Presents David Taylor: Machine Quilting for Beginners DVD
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Award-winning quilt artist David Taylor is known for the beautiful quilting on his applique quilts. This video reveals how his precision techniques and thread choices add dimension and texture to his pictorial quilts.

Running Time: 30 and 45 minutes

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Quilter's Academy Presents David Taylor - Machine Quilting for Beginners (DVD)

Quilting for Sit-Down Machines

Award-winning quilt artist David Taylor loves teaching techniques for successful free-motion quilting to beginning quilters on push-through sewing and quilting machines. David quilts on an HQ Sweet Sixteen, but these techniques are also meant for home sewing machines.

You CAN Machine Quilt Successfully

Based on his popular "Yes, You Can Stipple" workshop, David takes quilters through a series of quilting exercises. He teaches that the key to getting perfect, even stitches is based on finding your rhythm, coordinating the speed of the machine with the speed of your hand movements.


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