Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show Series 2 DVD
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QNNtv.com's Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show complete 2nd season (2012). The 12 episodes include spots from some of the industry's biggest names in the quilting industry: Sue Patten, Judy Lyon, Debby Brown, Lisa Calle and others.

See the full episode list below:

  1. Sue Schmieden - First Things First: Load your Quilt onb the Frame Properly
  2. Sue Patten - Thread Play: Use Your Longarm as an Embroidery Machine
  3. Kay Capps Cross - machine Quilting the No-Stress Way
  4. Judy Woodworth - make Your Free-Motion Quilting Shine with Handi Gadgets
  5. Kimmy Brunner - Getting it Square and Flat
  6. Loes vander Heijden - Creating Your Own Quilting Patterns with Art and Stitch
  7. Judy Lyon - Make Your Quilt Unique with a Secret Ingredient
  8. Linda Thielfoldt - making Beautiful Feathered Borders by Dividing them into Blocks
  9. Debby Brown - It’s All About the Tools for Great Quilting
  10. Debbi Trevino - debbi’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Batting for Your Quilt
  11. Lisa Calle - Turn “Quilting Agoraphobia” into Works of Art with the Divide and Design Approach.

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