SLT by S. Hyland - #1 Stencils & Freehand Quilting DVD
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Suzanne Michelle Hyland's unique approach to freehand quilting gives quilters the best of both words: quick and easy freehand quilting with occasional splashes of delicate Stencilled Designs. Learn how to: Adapt hand-quilting stencils for unique uses in edge-to-edge quilting. Identify portions of stencils for their use with free-hand quilting designs.

  • Practice quilting by drawing first. 
  • Choosing marking tools. 
  • Quick marking methods for stencils. 
  • Effective ways to use and remove chalk. 
  • Plan freehand quilting to cover the entire quilt top. 
  • Avoid the pitfalls of awkward quilting paths. 
  • Make simple "question mark" feather designs. 
  • Choose background quilting designs that complement motifs.

Runtime 28 minutes

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