SLT by S. Hyland - #7 Pantographs & Groovy Boards DVD
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Using Pantographs and Groovy Boards (also referred to as pattern boards) for quilting is an easy approach to finishing quilts FAST. Learn Suzanne Michelle Hyland's simple techniques to ensure success.

Learn how to:

  • Choose a pantograph or Groovy Board to suit the quilt. 
  • Set up the pantograph or Groovy Board properly. 
  • Prepare the quilt for quilting.
  • Plan how to advance the quilt and begin the second pass. 
  • Accurately follow a pantograph with a laser. 
  • Use the stylus and Groovy Board accurately. 
  • Quilt partial pantographs or Groovy Boards. 
  • Avoid pitfalls.

Runtime: 36 minutes

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