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My HQ Story 2011 Group Welcome - Thursday October 6th

Mom : Such a great day! ~ Cheryl Malinowski

Congrats!!! : Congratulations to everyone of "my story" especially my mom, Michelle Banton!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! ~ Hilary

HQ STORY : The retreat was such a great experience - THANK YOU! ~ John Kubiniec

Thank You Handi Quilter! : Thanks again for an amazing retreat! What a great company and an amazing group of people working there! ~ Michelle Kitto

My Story : Thank you for EVERYTHING Handi Quilter! The retreat was wonderful and I got to meet sew many fabulous people! I've got a lifetime of memories from the 4 days spent there with you all. ~ Michelle Tade Banton

Thank you Everyone at HQ : This wa better than any Christmas anyone could ever imagine. Thanks to all of you at HQ for making this happen!! ~ Karen Lindley

Thank You!!! : Thank you so much Handi Quilter. This was an experience of a lifetime. Everyone at the retreat, and all the Handi Quilter employees were so generous!!! Thank you for everything again. ~!~Ashley~!~ ~ Ashley Malinowski

Back to the real World !! : Thanks again to everyone at Handi Quilter it was such a great experience had so much fun and meet some great people hope to come back again for another retreat some time. ~ Karla Petraglia

Thank You, Handi QUilter!!!!!!! : The "My HQ story" retreat is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had! You guys treated us with such respect and made sure we had the time of our lives! What more can be said? HQ is the best!! ~ WENDA NICHOLS