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My HQ Story 2011 - Wenda Nichols

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You're really famous now! : Woo Hoo! Wenda! Way to go! ~ Michelle Banton

HQ Story Winner 2011 : Your sweet personality shone through. I hope your husband gets the hint! ~ Carla Gentry

Kenneled at the Veterinarian waiting for my Momma : Wow, you did not tell me you were going to Utah to be a "quilting" celebrity. Who is this "Ava" person mentioned in your MyHQ Story? ~ Draco (a.k.a. tha Boy)

Cool! : Yah! You go girl! This is so exciting. You did a really nice job. K ~ Karen Lindley

What you can by with an american express!!! : Great Job! I'm so happy you have something to keep you busy. What a great story. ~ Angela S.

Great Story! : Wenda, you did an amazing job! ~ Michelle K

FANTASTIC! : Wenda, Congratulations on winning! I'm so happy you got to go meet all the wonderful Handi Quilter folks. Didn't they treat you like royalty? I'm just tickled I know a winner personally! You did a great job on your video. ~ Sandy S

And you're in the current McCall's Quilting! : Forgot to add that I got the current issue today and opened it and you're on page 7! Lovely photos! ~ Sandy Smith (2010 "Chosen One"