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My HQ Story 2011 - Karen Lindley

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Web Development : Congratulations Karen! All of us here at Erica's are so happy for you and proud of you! ~ Jennifer Crutchfield

Congratulations Karen : Karen, I loved your story, it even brought tears to my eyes. Would love to see your Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I know your grandmother would be proud of you! Linda El Paso, TX ~ Linda Martindale

Congrats, Karen : I do so love Sunbonnet Sue and would love to see your quilt sometime at the Wed. AM sewing club . ~ Carol Gaines

Congratulations! : Congratulations! I really enjoyed your HQ story!Happy Quilting! ~ Marianne

Fiber/Mixed Media : Your story is so touching! I don't even know you, but have tears in my eyes and a big lump in my throat. Great video! ~ Susan A.

Hi Karen : Karen, I am so glad to have met you and LOVE your story. I'd love to see your Sunbonnet Sue quilt sometime...hope to see you again...until then, Happy Quilting!! ~ marilyn ross

Mrs. : Congratulations Karen. My piecing experience started about the same time as yours it seems and I am soooooo longing to obtain an Avante 18. Still not quite there but getting closer (finances you know). I have made dozens and dozens of quilts, but they are all stippled or meandered only - so if you can become so proficient on your HQ SO QUICKLY, then I guess I can too, so now I am positively aching to get my machine. Only a few more months to go I hope. Congratulations on all your quilting achievements. I wish my mother were alive to see what I do these days. She tried and tried to be good at quilting but was already ill when she took it up, so she never quite got there. She would be oh so in love with what I am doing now.................. Thanks for your video - it inspires me to keep trying to obtain my own HQ. ~ Vicki in Australia