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Handi Quilter is excited to introduce our innovative new stitch-regulation system designed especially for your HQ Sweet Sixteen. Now you will be able to enjoy any quilting project with the benefit of our TruStitch full visibility stitch-regulation. Click here for more information.

owner/ president : I think is great to have this wonderfull new product, can´t wait to try it myself!!!Another hit for Handi Quilter!!! ~ Maria Teresa

quilter : Sounds great! Does this only work with the HQ Sweet 16 or can it be used with the HQ 16? ~ Sue Stultz

HQ Sweet Sixteen : Hope it works on the older model - HQ Sixteen - ~ Laura

HQ-Sixteen sit down model : Is there a stitch regulator that I can use on my non-Sweet HQ Sixteen sit down model?? ~ Edy's 62nd Birthday