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Quilts of Valor

Handi Quilter is proud to have supplied funding support for the production of the video, Quilts of Valor, a 73-minute documentary starring national quilters Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson and Mark Lipinski.  Hosted by Marianne Fons, this video has just been made available to all public television stations nationwide by its producer, Iowa Public Television. To make sure this unique and compelling program is aired on your local station, contact your station's programming department and ask it to schedule the show.

For help in finding your local station, go to www.pbs.org. Contact your station via email, phone message, or personal note to let them know you want to watch Quilts of Valor.

Ms : I want "Quilts of Valor". ~ Carmen A Cancel

Quilts of Valor : I want "Quilts of Valor" ~ Barbara Arnold

"Quilts of Valor" : I'm going to my local quilt shop to start a quilt next Wednesday. This video has inspired me. ~ Betty Drda

Quilts of Valor - Ausralian Style : I would love for this to take of in Australia as well - any ideas how to manage this ~ Heather Sutton

Owner : Please air this fabulous documentary. It is awesome! ~ Carolie Hensley

Quilts of valor : I think sharing the Quilts of Valor film will encourage new quilters as well as experienced quilters to give of themselves to honor the servicemen and women who are defending our nation. ~ Jackie Foster

Quilt of Valor : What a wonderful idea. I want to make one ~ Lena

quilts of valor : hélas pour nous pauvres européennes nous ne verrons jamais ce film . j'ai beaucoup apprecier l'extrait même si je ne comprend pas l'anglais ~ mimi

quilt of valor : I cant wait to see this show. please let me know when it will air. I want to make a quilt ~ Becky

Hooray - Can't Wait : This is a fabulous documentary. I can't waait to see the full version on PBS, in fact, I would purchase this if available on DVD. I am teaching a newbie starting next month - she is anxious to start donating to the troops through Quilts of Valor. Awesome! ~ Dianne Deaver

Quilts of Valor : I'm anxious to start on my first quilt but also to do a special project for our troops. This short shot of the full video is super inspiring and look forward to the full version ~ Lysa Deaver

Orange County Quilts of Valor Rep., CA : Finally some well deserved recognition for such a worthy cause.I hope to see this aired not only on PBS but on Network TV also. This is all done be donations so come one and all find your local QOV group and make a quilt or donate fabric, thread, ironing time, cutting time, whatever you can. Hurray for Catherine Roberts!!! ~ Linda A. Shellabarger

Quilts of Valor : My son-in-law was deployed for the second time to Iraq 2 years ago and I wanted to send him something to remind him of his family. At the time I hadn't heard of quilts of valor. So I made him a quilt complete with pictures of his family I had gotten off places including his old dog that I wasn't sure would survive the year he was gone. I got alot of comments that it was too hot in Iraq and he wouldn't use it or need it. Boy were those people wrong. He used it every day and now that he's safely home with his family still have it on his bed. I am so proud of people that do this type of thing even though some people don't think it's right. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see the video. ~ Norrine Buchholz

Quilts of Valor : Please air this program on PBS in Lancaster, PA ~ Ellie Shirk

President of NCQA : Please PBS, we miss all the wonderful quilting programs of the past. PBS North San Diego, please allow Quilts of Valor to show. My next quilt will go to a VietNam veteran...lost but not forgotten. Our guild promotes our veterans in several ways, and a quilt is the hug we want to give each veteran. This is not a frivilous request, this will light the fire for our freedom fighters. There is no politics here, only one real reason, a right to live free. What a small item, made with love for our sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters who serve with love for us, our country and all who want to live here, free of oppression. God bless all of them. Hopefully, herlinda ~ herlinda samaniego

Quilts for Vets : As President of the Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association in San Diego, California, I know the needs of veterans. The Quilts of Valor project is a wonderful way to show appreciation and make a distressed veteran or active duty member of the military feel the warmth and comfort in a unique way while showing appreciation for that person's service to our country. Please air this program so more quilters will get involved. ~ Tom Lettington

Quilt of Valor : The Mad Dasher's of Bardstown made blocks for this quilt, and we would like to see this show on PBS. I think more quilters will take part in this program if they could see on TV. Thanks Irene Carter ~ Irene Carter

Quilts of Valor : Please bring this show to our local PBS Station...I am love being part of this amazing, heart warming project.The more the merrier! ~ Barbara Brown

Quilts of Valor : My husband was presented his quilt of valor at the Loma Linda Veterans Hospital in Loma Linda CA. He was deployed to Iraq in 2003 and was injured in a roadside explosion. Next to his purple heart this is one of his most treasured belongings. ~ Debbie Thomas