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September 2012 Webinar - A Look at Some New HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Features

September webinar : I was so looking forward to viewing this particular webinar. But clicking where I was told to do, did not bring it up. Please help as I have so enjoyed all of the webinars to date. ~ Marcia L. Morrow

ProStitcher Update : I like your webinars, but thought this one to be a little choppy. I also like it better when you are actually working on a quilt and show us the outcome as it sews. ~ LaDonna Duncan

Very informative at a high level... : I installed my update to my ProStitcher before seeing this webinar...and totally freaked at how different the interface is now compared to before. This webinar has definitely gone a long way in introducing the new look, how to navigate, and a basic explanation of new features and how to use them. That said, I very much hope you will be following up with actual videos so that the words and actions are visible realtime. I feel I benefited greatly from the webinar but I was waiting for a comment on the cropping section where the motif to crop is not straight line. I am unclear on whether you can overuse the multipoint feature for accurately defining a curved shape. Overall, good job. I give you 3.5 stars... ~ Diana

ProStitcher Update : I agree with the other comments...It would be so much more helpful to see the words and actions in real time...Having said that, the people at HandiQuilter are always so helpful, both with any technical issues, and tutorials. Thanks! ~ Suzanne Arthur