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HQ Shows You How Webinar March 2013 - Modern Quilts

Join HQ educator Marie Eldredge, Vicki Anderson CEO and Publisher of Meander Publishing, and Angela Walters modern machine quilter and author for an overview of the new modern quilting trend. One of our greatest webinars to date! don't miss it!

Machine quilting using computer generated designs. : I'm sorry I missed this webinar. I wonder if you have an up coming session of machine quilting using computer generated designs and using those designs in specific areas of a quilt? I am not a graphic artist and therefore I tend to rely on the computer designs on my customers quilts. So I would like to see a few sessions on the use of the computer. Maybe a DVD would also do the job. Keep up the great work. I have us an Avanta 18 plus the the old Pro-Sticher. ~ Bill Lawrence

MRs : I love this concept I would like this to continue ~ Edith Blanck

Mr. : I would like to see a machine in action stitching these designs.Thank you for the webinar. ~ Ray Miller

videos : I always learn something from your webinars, but would help so much to have videos. I much more enjoy watching people on the machine or demonstrating rather than just looking at a screen. Sometimes the screen explanation is difficult to follow. Please try more videos! Thanks! ~ Kelly

Webinar : Thanks. I agree that demonstrating the concepts on a machine is more useful. I know you have videos for sale, but they are expensive and go out of date quickly when you release updates and new technology so it's hard find value when I'm constantly shelling out. Include ongoing training/full length videos on youtube as part of your business model and you will provide customers with another reason to choose your company! ~ Nancy