Handi Quilter is proud to have supplied funding support for the production of the video, Quilts of Valor, a 73-minute documentary starring national quilters Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson and Mark Lipinski.  Hosted by Marianne Fons, this video has just been made available to all public television stations nationwide by its producer, Iowa Public Television. To make sure this unique and compelling program is aired on your local station, contact your station's programming department and ask it to schedule the show.

For help in finding your local station, go to www.pbs.org. Contact your station via email, phone message, or personal note to let them know you want to watch Quilts of Valor.

Other Videos in Handi Quilter

Jeanne Bergeron of Quiltplay in Florida was interviewed during a quilt show in West Palm Beach. Click here to learn about her studio and her love of Handi Quilter machines.

Interview with HQ Ambassador Kim Brunner from International Quilt Festival-Houston.

Handi Quilter® is the leading manufacturer and marketer of longarm and mid-arm quilting machines (both frame and sit-down systems), frames, quilting gadgets and educational material for beginning to advanced ...

Congratulations to the $10,000 winner of the Handi Quilter Best of Show Award the International Quilt Festival-Houston. Harmony Within by Sue McCarty of Roy, Utah.