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TNT (Threads, Needles & Tension)

Lose that Tension Headache! Handi Quilter Education Coordinator, Vicki Hoth, leads longarm quilters through everything they need to know about TNT: Threads, Needles and Tension.

TNT video : Congratulations Handi Quilter! The video is so full of vital instructions & I'm going to review segments in the post video. You're taking the fear out of adjusting tension! The "dot" on the top tension is a great tip. I need to purchase the horizontal spool holder! Will tell friends about your monthly video. Thank you! ~ NancyG

owner : Thank you so much for the video. It is loaded with so much information. I can't wait for the next video. Again THANKS< CarolH ~ Carol

WOW! Great Tension Video : This is exactly what I needed. I have suffered from tensionitis for too long. This video is the cure. Thank you so much for explaining how to get perfect stitches. I was sick of not being able to accompllish good tension on the top and bottom at the same time. ~ M A Deutsch

TNT Video : Thank you! While I was taught all these techniques, I'd forgotten some of the fine points. Everyone should review this video periodically! ~ Brita

HQ Tension Education : Many thanks for this valuable information on Threads, Needles & Tension. Keep the HQ Education coming! ~ LuAnn Kessi

TNT really is dyno-mite!! : I LOVED this video! It is exactly what I needed as a brand new onwer of the Avante 18 and the visual on the bobbin tension made all the difference! good close-ups too...which helped tremendously as well. I will review this MANY times as I learn how to get perfect stitches with many kinds of threads. ~ Kathy Booth

Owner : Thank you! I needed this, was having difficulties with tension! Have spend many hours taking out stitches. Will watch this again. ~ Giraffiks

long arm quilter : I am sooooo pleased with this video. It has helped me out a great deal. I have been having some issues and this has given me alot of guidance. Thank you ~ nena

TNT : As a brand new longarmer, I was having problems with nesting thread on the bottom of my quilt. After much hair pulling and teeth gnashing, I watched this webinar. My needle was in backwards. Duh. Great Video...I learned so much, Thank you. ~ Joanne Peters

TNT : Very helpful video. Like some of the other folks, I too couldn't get the tension/bobbin correct. I'll try again and see what happens. Thank you. P.S. How do we practice on smaller quilts? ~ koalaB

newby : need contrast of color with thread and background ~ Carolyn

TNT video : What a super video. It was really helpful!!! ~ TNT Video

TNT Life Saver!! : Or should I say machine saver? I was so ready to just throw in the towel so to speak. I have only once in the week that I have had my new HQ sweet sixteen sit down, had fun with it. I have been so frustrated trying to get the tensions correct and then not knowing what I was doing wrong. Thank you so much for the help, now I want to keep my machine. LOL, now, can we have a video on how to choose threads for top and bottom of quilts? Thanks again! ~ Tess

TNT : Great video! I had already learned some of this through trial and error, but Vicki makes it look so easy that I'm more comfortable adjusting my Avante. Keep the videos coming! ~ C Reaves

TNT : Brilliant! I thought it was my thread but watching this made me realise it was me! Vicki is an outstanding teacher.:)))))) ~ Annie

TNT : Tension: so simple, but such a headache! I need these videos on hand - please sell! My computer often has tension issues as well!!! ~ Olga Roth