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HQ Sweet Sixteen

If you love to free-motion machine quilt but struggle to fit your project in a small throat space, you're going to love the HQ Sweet Sixteen®. Sixteen inches of throat space gives you room to quilt even a king-size quilt. The smooth surface of the included table allows your project to glide under the needle.

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SWEET~SIXTEEN : OMG...I am so afraid to even try and attempted free-motion quilting for fear of messing up. However this is sure to be a huge winner at home or at your quilting guild. I only just started quilting about two years ago and this is my ice cream topping on my cake. The video was simply FABULOUS. Now how can I find out what this machine co$t and where to purchase one. I'm $OLD.Thank You from beginner quilters like myself,everywhere.GOD BLESS THE CREATOR of this machine!!!! ~ La Verne M.

Can't wait to get mine : Mine is ordered and shipped and I'm jumping up in down with happiness. I can't wait to get started with this wonderful machine. ~ Sweet

I Have One! : And absolutely Love it! Fits in the space I have available and works like a dream! ~ Marie

Best Machine Ever!! : I love, love, love this machine! Runs like a dream! Those jumbo bobbins are wonderful for long stretches of quilting without stopping! Now I'm off to pre-order the TruStitch to use with it. Customer service is outstanding and it's a piece of cake to maintain. I oil bobbin case every bobbin change. Rarely have a problem with tension. I love my Handi Quilter Sweet 16!! Makes me look like a quilting genius! Easy to thread, wind bobbins and quilt with. Once you quilt on it you're in "the zone" in under a minute, at least I am... love it!!!! ~ Janet

HQ Sweetsixteen : I have owned my HQ Sweet Sixteen for about a year. At first I was very nervious as I was not very good at freemotion quilting but my rep. was very helpfull with lessions and really helped me learn to get just the right tension. Now even I am impressed with my work. Great machine. Love to quilt on it. ~ Pat

Highly Recommended to Free motion Quilt : I've had my machine for about 9 months now and LOVE IT!! this machine quilts quietly and with precision stitches. Slow or fast, what ever suits YOU. see what this machine can do on MY Handi quilter blog called MY Quilt Hayvin. I machine quilt all my quilts with this machine. It's fantastic!!!!! Michele ~ Michele

My SweetSixteen is on it's way! : I can't wait for my sweetsixteen to arrive, along with the TruStitch.It's a dream come true!- Miles ~ Miles

I Love My HQSixteen : I have had my HQ Sixteen for a couple of years. I have never had a minutes trouble with it. I love to use metallic threads and it makes using them very easy.I use many different thread in my wall hangings and never have any problems. I would have never had room for a long arm in the frame but the table model fit fine in my sewing room.A great investment!!! ~ Judy

Arrives Friday : Looking forward to my new Avante-18 on Friday (11/30/12). I will certainly review the machine, once I learn how to use it, and will expect its great performance. The three stars are for customer service and pricing, not yet for the Avante. ~ HQA-18new

Handi Quilter : Love Love Love my Sweet Sixteen ~ Veldicha

Bringing up the bobbin thread to change colors or when ending the stitching. : I love my Sweet Sixteen but I have not found a way to bring up the bobbin thread at the end of stitching. As a result it is difficult to quilt a large quilt when you want to change threads and you have to reach under the quilt to get to the bobbin thread to cut it. Any suggestions? ~ Pat Ditter

A Curse : Sometimes I think I am cursed. I love free motion quilting, and My Pfaff sewing machines throat was sooo tiny that my husband bought me the sweet sixteen. I never even got through one baby quilt when the needle from the factory fell out and the tip broke off and lodged in the innards of where the bobbin case sits. I have had nothing but trouble with the tension, I was sooo hoping to enjoy it for more than a couple months before I started having trouble. hopefully it is just a curse that everything I touch is crap. hope you all enjoy yours. ~ Diana Berger

Blessing : I have owned this machine for the past year. I never thought I would ever finish a quilt with a machine. I have always done mine by hand. After playing with the machine for 3 months I finally became comfortable with my machine. I ventured in doing designs and more. I have since started looking for more challenging designs. I LOVE MY MACHINE! I wouldn't give it up for the world. If I ever run into an issue I just grab my book or come to the online assistance page. And customer service was awesome at helping me with one little question in the beginning. You can't go wrong with the HQ Sweet Sixteen. I reviewed and played with many of the other long arms and nothing compared to HQ. Thank you HQ for making a machine that gives me the freedom to take what I see in my mind and put it to material. If you get the chance to just demo one at a shop, DO. You will fall in love with this machine. ~ Traci Hoglen

HQ 16 : love mine ~ adah dean