HQ Frequently asked questions

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Thread and Needle Issues

View this great video on Threads Needles and Tension (TNT)

What if I'm having problems with Skipped Stitches?

  • Needle is not in the 6:00 position
  • Needle is in backwards
  • Needle is bent, has a burr or dull point
  • Damaged hook
  • Poor Thread
  • Tension is too tight
  • Threaded improperly
  • Try turning the needle to the 6:30 position


Why does my needle keep breaking?

  • Needle is not placed all the way up in needle bar
  • Hook out of timing
  • Hook and needle bar out of timing
  • Incorrect needle system for machine
  • Needle struck ruler, pin or other foreign object


I have breaking thread, fraying, or shredding.

  • Upper tension too tight
  • Incorrect size needle with thread
  • Old thread or poor thread
  • Burr on hook
  • Burr on needle
  • Burr on needle bar thread guide
  • Lint in thread guides or tension disks
  • Needle in backwards
  • You may need to turn needle to the 5:30 position