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As a nurse practitioner, my work day can be quite stressful. Quilting brings me serenity. I became obsessed with quilting five years ago on my 50th birthday. We were visiting Whitefish, MT and wandered into a quilt store that sold McKenna Ryan patterns and kits. Life hasn’t been the same since! From the beginning, though, I have had this personal conviction that in order for a quilt to be “my quilt”, I had to do every bit of it myself. So, every quilt I’ve made, I’ve quilted. After getting bursitis in my shoulders from quilting my son’s queen size quilt (and not very well, at that) on my Bernina, I took classes to learn basic longarming and rented a Gammill long arm in Spokane to finish my projects. But there were problems…my back hurt from standing 3 or more hours at the machine, it was hard to “schedule” creativity, and I found that I really missed the machine quilting style of getting my face down into the quilting. One day, we visited a quilt shop in Moses Lake, WA and I saw the HQ Sixteen Sit-Down and instantly knew it was the long arm for me. A few months later, I ordered mine from a shop in Deer Park, WA and it arrived a few days later. I love my sit down long arm! It’s exactly right for me and my space. The first thing I did when it arrived was make a cover and practice quilting designs on the cover. Before long, I was quilting beautiful feather motifs on a wedding quilt. I would recommend the HQ Sixteen Sit-Down to anyone who loves quilting. If you don't quilt for a living, size does not matter! There is no doubt in my mind that you can achieve beautiful results on everything from art quilts to king size quilts with the HQ Sixteen Sit Down. You are only limited by your imagination.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen Sit-down