Sue Fors

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Sue Fors! My HQ Story My story starts in 1998, when my husband had his stroke. I needed to pick up a ‘hobby’ to keep myself not only busy, but close to home. A friend was taking some quilting classes, and shared her new found passion with me. My first quilt was a king size Star of Bethlehem! YOWSER! Did I get bitten by that quilt bug, or what! I had my first granddaughter in November of 1998 and the second one in March of 1999. That gave me two more twin size log cabin quilts to make, and I haven’t stopped since. I love giving the gift of a hand-made (by me) quilt to others. But, my biggest issue was pushing and pulling, tugging and stretching those big quilts inside my old machine that had only a 5” throat! We’ll now fast-forward to 2004, when I bought my first ‘long-arm’. It was a tabletop frame, and the machine had a 9” throat. As big as it was, I knew that wasn’t going to work. So, in 2005, I bought the best I could afford; a frame with a machine that was stretched to a 17” throat. I battled through the tension issues, skipped stitches and thread breaks. I really thought this was all part of the quilting process. Last Spring, my dealer talked to me about the HQ18 Avante’. When I went in to ‘play’ on it, I noticed the HQ24 Fusion. It felt awesome! But, what really convinced me to make this purchase (apart from the excitement), was the service and support that my dealer offers. They are only a phone call away, and have an HQ Support Group every month. We get to show-n-tell, troubleshoot our issues, and there is always an informative lesson planned. I have loved owning this machine during the last year so much; that this year I added the ProStitcher. Having the Handi Quilter has not only made my quilting easier, but it has made me a better quilter!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ24 Fusion