Loretta Johnston

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Our HQ Sixteen Quilting Story By Loretta Johnston Sewing was not something that I did a lot. Sure I took HomeEc in school and made a dress by pattern, but that was about the extent of it. And my husband, Bob had never sewn. Our first exposure to quilting was through some friends, husband and wife, who quilted. First it was a couple of quilts they made for us as gifts then, it was taking us to quilt shows. After a couple of years, we saw the beauty and workmanship in them and felt it was a great way of showing our love to family and friends when making them something by hand. Something they not only can use, but also that can be passed on as a memory of ourselves. We asked our friends to teach us the basics of quilting. Dean & Sue were very willing to help and were good teachers. We made a very large queen size scrap quilt for our first one…we chuckled later when watching a video on quilting and being told not to tackle a large quilt at first, because it might be too daunting of a project. So far this is still the largest quilt we have made. In making quilt tops you soon realize that in order to have a finished quilt, one would have to either: 1) send it out to someone else to quilt 2) quilt it by hand 3) quilt it on your sewing machine or 4) buy your own quilting machine. The logical answer to us was to purchase our own quilting machine. Our children had just recently moved out of the house, leaving the back room large enough for a quilting machine. We researched what machine we would like to purchase and saw that the Handi Quilter was a very affordable and easy to learn machine for the first time quilter. After seeing this, we knew which quilting machine we wanted. We were very excited when we found and purchase a used HQ Sixteen. (the former owner had just purchased a new HQ18 Avante) We were given a quick overall of the use of the machine, took lots of pictures, read the manual, and watched the videos that came with the HQ Sixteen. We also use the Handi Quilter website and love watching the educational videos, they give great tips and is a handy resource. Right after we purchased the machine, the downturn in the economy hit my place of employment and I was laid off. So the decision of getting our own HQ Sixteen was extremely beneficial to us in so many ways. Since getting our machine, Bob and I have made several quilts and I have quilted them on the HQ Sixteen. We were able to give our children and family each a quilt for Christmas. We have also made dog quilts and have given them as gifts plus we have sold some of them. What I love most of all with having the HQ Sixteen is that I am able to finish UFOs that have been left by lost loved ones. I have quilted 4 quilts for a co-worker of my husband, her great-grandmother left several quilt tops. These tops are over 50 years old. It is such a privilege for me to be able to make these tops into useable quilts. As the quilt is laid out onto the machine, I look at the craftsmanship in them and I thank the woman who made them and ask her to guide my hands while using the machine. It makes me tear up as I work on them because I think of the time, effort, and love she put into each quilt top that she made. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to finish these. Something I would never have been able to do if we did not own a HQ Sixteen. Included in the pictures I have sent is a log cabin quilt that I was able to make and quilt on my HQ Sixteen. I have been able to turn a hobby into a small money making opportunity, thanks to our HQ Sixteen. Thank you so much for making a machine that can be used in the home. PS..next on my wish list is to purchase an HQ Pro-Sticher….

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen