Lay-Lay Thomas

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My friend Martha, a proficient quilter, took a class on Wild Flowers applique quilting class and the quilt was beautiful.I looked at it and said, "I can do this". Me, I have never quilted in my life !I have one person in mind I wanted to make this quilt for and that is my sister who looked after our dad, who was dying of cancer so lovingly and caringly, I wanted to say how much I appreciated her.Our dad passed away Jan1st. 2008. My sister loves quilts, me, not so much then.So off I went to take on this piece of cake, I thought. I appliqued and they looked good and very encouraging. Then came the day I had to piece them together. They did not FIT !!Imagine my horror when my friend, Martha, remember her, told me her pieces fit PERFECTLY. I secrectly stitched and unstitched, arranged and rearranged and finally put them away for months as a lost course.Then one day, I thought I must beat this challenge and started to piece them together, no one will notice that they don't all met in every corner. after many hours of frustration, finally it is presentable, this thing called a queen size quilt.No one is going to see this thing but how am I going to get this quilted was my next fear.One day my husband and I was at Central sewing machines and there it was the HQ Sixteen , want it's meant to do. Here is my answer, I will quilt my own quilt and no one will have to se it.On the spot I bought the HQ Sixteen, the HQ Pro-Stiticher, the micro handles and the Studio table, might as well go big.Not only did I quilt my own quilt which is now in Malaysia, I ended up quilting Martha's too.What a journey!!! and am still enjoying it and wanting to learn more.

I own the following HQ machines: HQ Pro-Stitcher, HQ Sixteen