Valerie Lund

I love this machine!

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Years ago I took a Quilt-In-A-Day class and constructed Eleanor's Log Cabin full-sized quilt top in one day... and I was hooked. After that I constructed eight or ten quilts but then life happened and kids put quilting on the back burner. I worked for a marketing firm for years but never forgot the fun of quilting and three years ago I purchased my HQ Sixteen. I now call my little business Remember Quilts and last month I quit my day job to devote more time to my "retirement job." It was a big and scary step to walk away from a good job but now I'm having so much fun quilting for others and with the Pro Stitcher it's a "piece of cake!" I've probably quilted 50 tops for customers and made T shirt and memory quilts, too. Customers are always pleased and ask how I can get my designs and stitches so perfect. I just say, "I have a great machine!" I shopped for several months before deciding on the HQ. I talked with lots of quilters and compared features and finally decided the HQ Sixteen was the one. Now after three years I'm dreaming about the Fusion but haven't mentioned that to my husband...yet. I love the studio that Mike and our sons built for me. It's half of what used to be the garage. Now it's my domain and you'll find me out there all the time. I realize now that I should have asked for the entire garage. :) The customer service at HQ is exceptional and I'm sure I've spoken with everyone there at some point but Vicki Hoth is my new best friend. Please know that I call her often not due to machine problems but due to operator ignorance. She could not be any more knowlegable or patient! One time I was trying to download an original pattern and she said, "Send it to me and I'll fix it." She did and now that quilt is one of my all-time favorites. Vicki even gave me her cell phone number when I only had weekends to quilt. Like I said, we're BFF now! :) That's my story and now I have to run. I have one customer quilt, one charity quilt and about 300 in my head that I need to get to! Thanks, Handi Quilter! Valerie Lund

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen