Sisters Quilting

Coletha Porter and Gale Holt

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We dedicated our HQ18 Avante to our Mom, who passed away 4-9-09. She always had a sewing project going; quilts, tailoring, handwork crafts, etc. After sincere thoughts, plans and mostly prayer, we started looking for a long arm. Gale is an artist, art teacher and seamstress, has quilted for years. I (Coletha) had worked as an Radiology Tech for years and did not have much time to sew. After our Mom went to be with the Lord I had this urge to quilt, sew and just watch fabric become a piece of art. I think my Mom moves my mind and heart, she is always with me. Gale has a art studio and room for a long arm, as we talked, prayed about it, we went to the Dallas Quilt Show, March 2010 and looked at all the long arms. Our choice was the HQ18 Avante. We drove many miles to find a shop that had one on display. On March 19, 2010, we purchased our new toy. We love it. There is more to this story about our lives AFTER purchasing a HQ 18 Avante. What a ride! We do all free hand stitching, getting better everyday. Gale is our special stitching artist, she quilts flowers, leaves, trees etc., onto the quilts, things that I can't see. I call my quilting grade school scribble, meandering, stars and loop to loops. Relaxing and fun. We are introducing our younger sister to the HQ now, she helps us sew tops, slashing and borders. Making T-Shirt quilts for those that don't sew. We also put the HQ18 Avante together the day it arrived at the studio, it was a family affair, we three sisters, instruction book and tools. Good job. God is good.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ18 Avante