Lindalee Lambert

Me and My HQ18 Avante!

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I believe that we are put on this earth to carry on the previous generations’ traditions. My Mother taught me to embroider, Grandma Duvall, gardening and Grandma Gauthier knitting—all of which I still do today. I feel it is my duty to instill, nuture and pass the love of these handicrafts to others . I learned to sew on my mother’s treadle machine and my first electric machine moved with me many times in my early adult-hood, but was always used for clothing, curtains, etc. My journey to become a quilter began at the local public library. Quilting classes were offered and a friend and I went. We had a wonderful teacher who said “there isn’t anything we can’t fix” and I have used that phrase many times while teaching my own quilting classes. I started tying my quilts, but soon wanted a more finished look. “Graduated” to machine quilting on my domestic machine, but I found maneuvering the quilt through the small throat difficult. I began looking at long-arm machines at quilt shows, and though tempted, not ready to make a real commitment. But, I knew that I could do that kind of work. I “test-drove” more machines over the next couple years and made a list of all the different features to compare. Armed with that information, I went to a MQX show in Manchester, NH to make a final decision. It wasn’t very difficult after taking my final test-drive on a HQ Sixteen. Of course, once I made my decision, I wanted my machine immediately! Meanwhile, I had moved my sewing machine out of the spare bedroom into our attached two-car garage that had been converted into studio space for myself and office space for my husband. In the beginning, I did a lot of “charity quilts” for practice, and found that my real love is freehand work. I find myself humming and smiling while meandering. It’s relaxing—especially while I’m still in my pajamas! I am very fortunate to have a HQ representative relatively near to our home. I would stop in to see Gerri at Sanford Sewing often, just to see “what’s new.” And there it was—something even better than my HQ Sixteen! An HQ18 Avante!!! Violins played, the clouds parted—I was in love! That machine had it all—stitch-length regulator or cruise, upgraded lighting, a great table, and limited time free financing—and they would take my HQ-16 in on trade! I couldn’t order it fast enough! It is set up in my studio and almost always has a quilt loaded or one waiting to go on. I continue my “charity quilts” along with an occasional “Quilt of Valor,” and work for friends and myself. Having a great space to work in—and my wonderful HQ18 Avante to create with, I know what I lucky woman I am. As fate would have it, I am now the grandmother passing the crafts of my foremothers on to my grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter is rapidly approaching the age when she will be able to handle scissors and a sewing machine—I can’t wait! But if we ever make mistakes, we won’t worry, because as I learned so long ago—there isn’t anything we can’t fix!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ18 Avante