Lynn Cartwright

Lynn with her first HQ Sixteen with HQ Pro-Stitcher quilt

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I learned to sew in high school. That was the only class that I made straight A’s in. Since then I made quite a bit of my own clothes then when kids came along I hand smocked all my daughters dresses then when they said no more (in 5th grade) I started quilting. I had done two queen size quilts and several small ones on the regular sewing machine by stitching in the ditch but I just wanted more. My first computer program for quilting was another brand with the Juki sewing machine. Not much throat space there! Then in 2009 I decided I needed a bigger machine. My sister-in-law had an HQ Sixteen with that same other computer program and she told me about the HQ Pro-Stitcher. I never looked at another long arm. My sister- in-law loved hers so much that I trust her and here I am with my own. Why did I buy the HandiQuilter 16 with the Pro-Stitcher? Because it’s the best there is. This program is the easiest to use. The ability to actually place your designs where you want them is wonderful. I am not artistic at all but with the Pro-Stitcher I feel like as artist. I really sit down and plan out my quilt designs so that they compliment the fabrics and patterns in my quilts. People ask me all the time if I quilt for others or do custom work and I don’t, but I take this as the highest compliment you can receive. Even better my husband always makes sure that I have time to sew. We work together and do everything ourselves so my time is his quite a bit. I just love sewing and quilting. I started working with 4H in our community and I hope to get some of the kids hooked on quilting. You can’t go wrong with any of the Handi Quilter products. The training, service and support are top notch. If I had to get another long arm it would be an upgrade to the HQ18 Avante or the HQ24 Fusion, whichever fits best in my sewing room, which is in my living room. I also love the DVD’s, so helpful when you need a reminder or to learn something new.

I own the following HQ machines: HQ Pro-Stitcher, HQ Sixteen