Tina Muller

Tina and My HQ Sixteen

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My Handi Quilter Story It all started for me in 2000, when I saw the Handi Quilter at a local quilt store. I knew then that I wanted a quilting machine, but with two teenagers and a small house, the machine would have to wait. I love to piece and as I continued to quilt with my sewing machine, all the while suffering with pain in my shoulders and back, my quilts kept growing. As my collection reached 20 tops , I stopped counting. I began researching all the quilting machines available, my quest was to find the best machine. I went to shows, talked to anyone and everyone that I could, Hubby and I even went on vacations from Florida to Tennessee to test machines. However, I was always drawn to the Handi Quilter. That was the machine for me! I wanted a Handi Quilter so badly, so in 2008, when my kids had graduated from high school and move out, I knew I could now carve out a little space for my dream machine. And thus began the journey to achieve my goal of owning a Handi Quilter. I began saving, worked two jobs and put away all the extra money I could. In 2010, I even began collecting aluminum cans, driving up and down streets in my neighborhood on recycling day, filling the back of my truck with garbage bags full of cans. My Husband and I would take the cans to our local aluminum recycling facility and that money world go into my “machine fund”. My desire to own a Handi Quilter was sometimes all consuming. Since I attended every quilt show that came to my area, I had made friends with one of the dealers. She would allow me to play on the machine at the show, demonstrating to people, helping them to overcome their fears of the machine and give it a try. I shared with her how much I wanted a Handi Quilter and what I was doing to save for one. After one of the shows, she called me on the phone to tell me of a fabulous deal that she had come up with that might possibly allow me to realize my dream of owning a HQ. She believed in me and believed that it was the right thing to do. I was beside myself with excitement, “Wow, after all these years, it’s finally going to happen!” I was getting my HQ Sixteen. I was sharing my exciting news about getting the machine with some friends, everyone’s only question was “where are you going to put it?” Of course for me, the only plausible answer was “right in the middle of the living room”. However, when it arrived, my husband didn’t quite agree with my fabulous idea, so the machine now sits in it’s honorable position on the back living room wall. It does stick out into the hall a little, but it is still a “perfect” fit. I call the HQ Sixteen, “My Toy”. early one morning I was happily quilting when my daughter came out of her bedroom calling “Mom, mom”. I turned off the machine and she said, with a big smile on her face, “You Win, you have the biggest and the noisiest toy of them all”. That’s how it got the name “My Toy” I have spent many hours practicing on my machine so I had decided to donate my practice pieces to the local animal shelter, but first I took them to a hand quilting group that I belong to, to show them what I could do with my machine. One of the ladies from the group asked me what I was going to do with the pieces and I told her my idea. She asked if it would be possible for her to have them; so she took them home, bound them and gave the quilts to children that were in need. Now, that is what I do with all of my practice pieces. Children have a special place in my heart and it gives me such joy to be able to help a child in need, even in a small way. Researching for the perfect machine was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the time I spent talking with people and learning along the way. The work that I had to put into saving for my dream machine and the generosity of someone that believed in me has made owning the HQ16 even more special to me. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Handi Quilter is made in America, a wonderful value and full of fabulous features with a great support system. I guess there is only one thing left to say, “The Handi Quilter 16 is a spectacular choice for me!”

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen