Glenda Roth

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My story about my Hand iQuilter. In the year 2003, my mother invited me to join her to be her guest at her monthly quilt guild meeting. I found everyone’s “show and tells” so beautiful. And they were having so much fun! I never realized that my mother had been quilting for years creating so many beautiful quilts.
As soon as I could went to the quilt shop in Aberdeen, SD and found that they were giving quilting classes. I had sewn clothing since I was a young girl, took Home Economics in high school, so surely I wouldn’t be considered a beginner! So I signed up for not one but two classes, neither one of them for beginners.
I purchased my fabric and drove 50 miles each way to the classes two days a week. Soon I realized that I didn’t know that a ¼” seam is used for sewing quilts unlike 5/8“ seams in clothing! I also didn’t know what chain piecing was, or a fat quarter, or squaring a block. But I continued with my “intermediate” classes with lots of ripping and managed to finished my quilts.
Before I knew it, I had several quilt tops so I decided the next step was to learn how to quilt them. I signed up for a beginners quilting class and learned how to sandwich the quilt, the trapunto technique, quilting in the ditch and how to meander. But, I soon realized that I didn’t like quilting my large quilt tops on my Pfaff sewing machine. I purchased a Handi Quilter portable frame and a Juki machine. I soon learned that there wasn’t enough space for quilting and that I had to roll my quilt top often and was still unable to quilt a 10” block.
I searched for a quilting machine that was both affordable and one that would give me more quilting space. I found the HQ Sixteen to be both affordable and gave me the needed quilting space so purchased it in July of 2004 and continued to use the portable frame. I later attended the “Quilting On the Waterfront” Quilt show in Duluth, MN and traded the portable frame for a heavier duty frame with the continuous track. Now I had the quilting machine I was looking for
I had been “piecing” quilt tops and had so many to quilts. I didn’t want to pay someone to quilt them and add more cost to my already rather expensive habit! Handi Quilter was the answer to my prayer. I also quilt some of my mother’s quilts and earn a little extra on the side!
I quilted “Star Explosion” using my HQ Sixteen. I created the quilting designs and quilted with ease. I love my HandiQuilter. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Thank you Handi Quilter for making a machine that is both affordable and fun to create with.
This is my story.
Glenda Roth

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen