HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update

June 2015 Release

Is your quilting machine compatible with the new EZ Record capabilities?

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 15.10.0088
Version: 15.10.0088
Released:  Jan. 6, 2016
Download version 15.10.0088
Release notes for Version 15.10.0088:
- Includes all previous enhancements.
- Includes options for installing HQ Pro-Stitcher for use with the HQ Simply Sixteen and HQ Sweet Sixteen machines that have been converted for use with an HQ Studio Frame.
- Resolves the potential for the HQ Infinity console display software (version 47) to crash.

Thank you for updating to the most advanced computerized quilting software available for the home quilter. We are excited to bring to you this great tool. We are confident that this new software will help you to take your quilting to new heights.

From time to time, we will be uploading new versions of this software, as we add new features or fix issues that are brought to our attention by users. Keep track of the version you have, and check back occasionally, so you know if a new version is available. **WARNING** If you have an older IEI, Lilliput or Innovatek monitor, please do not attempt to install this update. If you would like more information on the hardware upgrade necessary for your system please click here.

Having trouble installing the new HQ Pro-Stitcher? Our technical solutions team is available to help. Call: (877) MY-QUILT (697-8458) or (801) 292-7988.

Previous Software Downloads:

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 15.10.0086
Version: 15.10.0086
Release notes for Version 15.10.0086:
- A Repair button was added to the HQ Pro-Stitcher installer. This function makes sure the HQ Pro-Stitcher installation is repaired if necessary.
- Added support for the Acer Aspire Switch 11 tablet computer with Windows Pro.

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 14.04.0051

Version: 14.04.0051
Released: 5.2.14
Download Update 14.04.0051
Release Notes

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 14.01.0043
Version: 14.01.0043
Download Update 14.01.0043
Release Notes

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 13.08.0033
Version: 13.08.0033
Download Update 13.08.0033
Release Notes

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 12.10.0020
Version: 12.10.0020
If your current software version is older than v.16, please install this update BEFORE installing any newer releases.
Released: 10.2012
Download Update 12.10.0020
Release Notes